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Denver agents, what a wonderful opportunity to attend to Paul Luchau's class on Unique Financing and Market Principles. Paul is a great teacher and helps so many with strategic financial planning and wealth growing principles.

Brought to you by Michael at Fidelity National Title and joined be my favorite LO ever! Missy Santasiero with Geneva Financial Home Loans.

Having the right professional financial advisor is imperative to your long term financial goals and retirement. Do you still have to send kids to college? I do, and I started too late! From an individual standpoint we all have different needs, single, divorced or married with kids Paul can tailor a plan to meet those needs. 
And I am extremely interested to hear his take on real estate and how big of a role homeownership plays in growing wealth. And what exactly is wealth? It's an interesting question as I'm sure means something different to each of us. 

Posted by Carl Finney on May 23rd, 2022 9:14 PMLeave a Comment

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